How would I evaluate your services as opposed to someone else's?
The writer's job is to compile the information and present it in an organized fashion, clearly written so that it can be read and comprehended quickly by people who receive an overwhelming amount of material each day. I have a great deal of experience with this type of writing and I know what people want to read and how they evaluate what they've read.

How soon will I have something to look at?

Press releases can usually be turned around within one or two days after all the information is received.  Drafts of bios will be ready two or three days after a phone interview with the artist has been completed.

What if I don't like what you've written?

I have had enough projects go through without one word being changed to balance out those requiring more attention.  Press releases and artist bios are collaborative areas because the publicist, manager, label, lawyer and artist must all agree on the copy and they all have different agendas.  

Do you charge for revisions?

Revisions, within reason, are free unless they involve additional information that was not provided at the beginning which will require a substantial restructuring of the release or bio.

Since you also operate a news service, how can I be sure you won't leak any information before I want it to become public?

There have never been any leaks from projects I've worked on in my daily music news publication.  I have always honored confidentiality and have never published information from a project I have worked on without first checking with the publicist.  Anyone who has worked in the media as long as I have should understand that the style and timing of an announcement are crucial to the project.